"It's supposed to 'just work!'"

A Mac is a powerful tool that can help you do an incredible variety of tasks. Rewarding when everything is working smoothly, but frustrating when something goes wrong. It's good to have a friend to call when you run into difficulty.

I provide patient, clear and reasonably-priced technical support for your Mac at your home or small business. Check out my rates.

Mac Tech Support for Everyone

I can help you in a variety of situations that might arise. Here are some of my areas of expertise:

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Knowledgeable, patient, friendly

I provide friendly, personable tech support and tutoring services. My goal is to help you to feel comfortable at your Mac. To that end, I can patiently guide you through the steps necessary to complete your task. If you're too busy or in a hurry, however, I can "just do it" and show you the results.